32-36 Inch Odour-Free Bully Stick
32-36 Inch Odour-Free Bully Stick
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32-36 Inch Odour-Free Bully Stick

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32-36 Inch odour-free bully sticks are as long as they come! These extra long bully sticks are designed for dogs that need to be kept busy! Our odour free bully sticks are baked twice as long as our low odour sticks to remove more smell without the use of any nasty chemicals. Bully Bunches bully sticks are ethically sourced and oven baked to be one of the healthiest alternatives to rawhide. We hand sort and inspect every stick to ensure your pup gets a dependable product with high consistency and unmatched value. 

  • All-natural & hand sorted 140g average*
  • Cleans teeth and promotes dental health
  • 100% digestible & chemical free
  • Single Ingredient (beef)
  • Made from free range, grass fed cattle
  • Product of Turkey and Brazil
  • Odour-Free**
  • Shelf life of 1-2 years

NOTE:  *Average weights determined by 100 pieces. An average does not guarantee a specific weight or weight range. 

**When your dog chews our odour-free bully sticks, the natural scent may be enhanced since moisture is being reintroduced into the stick.

This item is subject to a shipping charge regardless of order value due to the unique shape and size. It may ship separately depending on how many items are in your order.