6 Inch Jerky Stick Imperfect Bargain Bag (Limited)
6 Inch Jerky Stick Imperfect Bargain Bag (Limited)
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6 Inch Jerky Stick Imperfect Bargain Bag (Limited)


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  • 250g
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Looking for a bargain on Beef Jerky? We got you covered! Our discounted 6 Inch Beef Jerky Stick Imperfect Bargain Bag is made of product that didn't quite make the final cut. Some sticks may be a little curly or "zig zagged", but rest assured they are still the same good ol' fashioned beef jerky. Made from single ingredient beef esophagus, our Beef Jerky Sticks are rich in chondroitin which is great for aiding joint health. Bully Bunches Beef Jerky Sticks are ethically sourced and oven baked to be one of the healthiest alternatives to rawhide. We hand sort and inspect every stick to ensure your pup gets a dependable product with high consistency and unmatched value.

  • Single ingredient (beef esophagus)
  • All natural, 100% digestible & chemical free
  • High in protein, chondroitin and glucosamine
  • Made from free range, grass feed cattle
  • Product of Brazil
  • Medium Odour
  • Average of 12 grams each*
  • 250g - approximately 20 pieces*
  • 1kg - approximately 80 pieces*
  • Shelf life of 2 years (sold fresh)

NOTE:  *Approximates and averages are not a guarantee