Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs and Pet Lovers

Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs and Pet Lovers

Our favorite time of year is here again! The trees are up, the baubles are glistening, and lining the tree are beautifully wrapped and ribboned presents. Now all you need to do is buy some gifts for your furry four-legged buddy!


What Should I Get My Dog for Christmas?

Now, you may be wondering, “what should I get my dog for Christmas?” We never want to exclude our pets from our holiday traditions, and now you don’t have to! Life can get extremely busy at this time of year, but it is still so important for dogs to continue to get the care they deserve and need. 


After all, dogs really are a great gift to us. If you have been wondering where you can find the best Christmas gifts for dogs and the best Christmas gifts for pet lovers, look no further. We have them all right here!


Now, let’s take a look!


Enrichment Toy

Dog enrichment toys are fantastic interactive toys for your dog. They will challenge your pup in a fun and engaging way to ensure that your four-legged friend isn’t bored. These toys also help your dog feel mentally, emotionally, and physically satisfied.


Has your dog ever eaten your shoes, dug holes, scratched walls, or destroyed your house? Well, if so, this was likely done while he was feeling anxious or bored. When you give your dog an enriching toy to play with, the destructive behavior might disappear. The best enrichment toys are the ones that empower your dog. 


Paw Balm

Dog paw balms are thick and moisturizing ointments that are applied to your dog’s paw pads. The paw balms work to heal and protect your dog's cracked and dry skin to ensure that your furry friend is comfortable. These balms are specifically made to be nontoxic and safe for dogs.


They penetrate the thick, dry, and tough skin of the pads while sealing in the essential moisture. Some balms can also be used on your pup’s nose. 


Treat-Dispensing Toy

A treat-dispensing toy is one of the best Christmas gifts for dogs. If you’re wondering “what should I get my dog for Christmas?” this is it! If you don’t already have a treat-dispensing toy for your dog to enjoy, you and your furry friend are both missing out.


These great inventions have been used for decades upon decades to help train dogs, and for good reason. They are able to flawlessly control your dog’s eating which will make life much easier for you as an owner. This also makes them great Christmas gifts for pet lovers.


They are especially good if your dog is a stubborn learner. They can help to reduce excessive eating, fast eating, high-energy, and build mental skills. Treat dispensing toys are also great for busting boredom and redirecting your dog’s bad behavior.


A Cute Bandana

If you’re looking for one of the best Christmas gifts for dogs as well as Christmas gifts for pet lovers, this cute little Christmas present is what you need. Not only are bandanas insanely cute, but they are also both practical and fashionable! For the most part, people put bandanas on their dogs as fashion to show off their personality and immaculate taste.


Usually, the bandana has a cute or funny design on it. However, they also have several practical benefits for your canine companion. They can provide cooling, warming, and calming effects.


You can even design them so that people know you have an anxious, deaf, or blind dog by writing it on the bandana. They can also make a typically “scary” dog look playful.


A Collar and Lead Set

When wondering “what should I get my dog for Christmas”, it is always a good idea to check out a brand-new collar and lead set. They are timelessly beautiful and realistically, you can never have too many! There are plenty of choices whether they be leather, round, flat, or patterned. 


Dog Chews

Trust me, your dog will love this one. Perhaps one of the most common and best Christmas gifts for dogs is a simple yet delicious dog chew. There are many different types of dog chews out there that are healthy for your pup and their canine friends if they choose to share.


Make sure you do your research and search for a brand that actually makes safe, healthy, and enjoyable chews for your canine companions. Bully Bunches supplies all natural, easily digestible, chews for doggos of all sizes. Bully sticks are among the most popular choice of dog chews. Packed with protein and full of amazing health benefits, it’s no wonder why this is a beloved choice amongst dog owners.


For a longer lasting dog chew, try Yak Chews for dogs. These chews are great for dogs who appreciate a good challenge. Bully Bunches Yak Chews are long lasting and made for aggressive chewers. Unlike many other similar chews, our offerings are 100% rawhide and lactose free. 


Interactive Puzzle Toy

Often recommended by dog behaviorists, interactive dog toys require your dog’s participation, unlike plush toys. These great toys are definitely some of the best Christmas gifts for dogs. However, they are also some of the most favored Christmas gifts for pet lovers because of what they do for dogs. 


Your pup will spend a lot of time with their interactive puzzle toy. The mental and physical integration these toys provide can dramatically decrease anxiety and will combat boredom almost immediately. They will help to keep your dog busy while you’re away. 



Carpet Cleaner

Whether the person you’re gifting for has a puppy, older dog, or a dog who just cannot stop using the carpet as their own personal toilet, carpet cleaner is one of the most favored Christmas gifts for pet lovers. Regardless of how well-trained dogs are, accidents do happen.


That being said, you need to ensure urine is cleaned well to ensure that it doesn’t smell. That is what makes carpet cleaner a great gift.


Soft Toys

If you’re still wondering “what should I get my dog for Christmas”, soft toys are a great option. They help dogs combat boredom, and they also help to relieve anxiety when dogs are cuddling them. They are a great comfort provider to your canine companions. 


Soft toys also help to prevent dogs from developing certain behaviors that can become problematic. Dogs are willing to play with pretty much anything they can get their paws on, unless they’re picky. That means that unless your dog is a gentle player, you may want to hide the soft toys when you’re not around. 


A New Bed

If you truly want to give your dog one of the best Christmas gifts for dogs this year, you should get them a new, comfortable bed, of course! Though many people think dogs can sleep anywhere, this isn’t true at all. Your furry friend shouldn’t be sleeping on the floor at all.


You likely also don’t want them climbing on the bed or sofa. The truth is though, dogs need beds, just like we do. Much like puppies need a cage to feel safe, older dogs like to have their own bed to feel like the master of their domain.


The rest of the house belongs to the humans and this can often make dogs feel out of place. However, when they have their own bed, they will think it is their own personal retreat. 



What to Consider When Shopping for Dogs and Their Owners

When it comes to buying the best Christmas gifts for dogs and Christmas gifts for pet lovers, there are a few things to consider first.


When you’re wondering “what should I get my dog for Christmas”, you need to first consider their breed. If the gift is dependent on their size, such as a harness or carrier, you will need their breed to decipher this. It is also a good idea to match the product to the pet.

For example, the owner of a Poodle won’t want a pillow featuring a German Shepherd.  

Use and Taste

As with any gift you purchase, to truly get the best Christmas gifts for dogs, you need to tailor it to the recipient’s taste and how they will use it. For example, some people might like Shampoo and Conditioner as a gift while others may think you’re implying that their pet is dirty. If you want to buy Christmas gifts for pet lovers, you’ll want to keep this in mind too.

The Bottom Line

When you ask yourself “what should I get my dog for Christmas' ', you should always make sure you know about the best Christmas gifts for dogs. That way, you can ensure that your doggo is happier than ever with what they receive.

When buying Christmas gifts for pet lovers, they will love anything that makes their pet happy. Whether the canine in question is a senior or puppy, these best Christmas gifts for dogs should do the trick!