New puppy parents might ask, “what is a bully stick?” and to that, we say only that “it’s the best dog chew ever!” with an asterisk. That’s because not all bully sticks for dogs are made equal. Some manufacturers use chemical preservatives or unsafe preparation methods that encourage unhealthy bacterial growth. At Bully Bunches, we really love our family companions, and we understand that as a puppy parent, it's your responsibility to be sure you’re giving the best treats and setting your puppy up for a long, healthy, tail-waggingly long life. At Bully Bunches, our bully sticks for dogs are an all-natural beef dog chew that is not only made of a single ingredient but fully digestible too. Known for their furniture-saving properties, bully sticks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Whether it's a large breed with a tough bite or a teething puppy with an appetite for destruction, Bully Bunches has bully sticks for dogs of all sizes!
Asking questions like “What is a bully stick?”, “Are bully sticks safe for dogs?”, “what’s better in the bully sticks VS rawhide debate?” and other pertinent questions are part of the journey to educate yourself to be a responsible puppy parent! Bully Bunches is proud to produce the best products you can give your dog. Our bully sticks for puppies are one of our best sellers! Bully sticks are nutritious, and our furry customers find them especially delicious. Treat your tippy-tapping tiny dinosaur today with the best bully sticks for puppies that you can get in the industry! 

Are Bully Sticks Safe For Dogs?

Bully sticks are widely considered one of the healthiest and safest chews for dogs, but only if they’re made by a reputable manufacturer. When choosing the best bully sticks for puppies and adult dogs, be sure to go with Bully Bunches! Our bully sticks are 100% digestible, single ingredient, and are made without harmful chemicals. Our bully sticks are suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs and do a great job of keeping your dog busy while providing many health benefits. Please note that it is important to always supervise your dog while feeding them our treats!

What Are Bully Sticks Made From?

While we can’t speak for our competitors, we can say that our bully sticks are made from free-range, grass-fed cattle and contain only a single ingredient: 100% beef! Specifically, beef pizzle. Our beef pizzle for dogs is jam-packed with nutrition and is one of the healthiest, long-lasting chews for dogs. Another added bonus is that this product would otherwise be discarded from human consumption, making Bully Bunches’ beef pizzle for dogs a sustainable chew!

Bully Sticks VS Rawhide

Traditionally, rawhide is made from the skin or hide of a cow or bull. These hides are usually rolled into popular shapes before being bleached white and can sometimes even be held together by glue. Compared to bully sticks, rawhide is sounding pretty gross right now! In addition to its comparatively abnormal manufacturing process, rawhide is not fully digestible, meaning it can often cause intestinal blockages.

Bully sticks are a single-ingredient, 100% digestible chew. This means even if your dog were to swallow a piece, it would likely break down in the stomach without causing any issues. With that being said, we still recommend supervising your dog while feeding any chew. In the bully stick VS rawhide comparison, we vote bully sticks all the way!

Why do Bully Sticks Smell?

What is it about a bully stick that makes them so smelly? These chewable treats can sometimes have a strong odour due to the dehydration and packaging process of the bull pizzle. Bully sticks from Bully Bunches contain no artificial additives and little to no odours. 

Low Odour VS Odour Free

Our low odour and our odour-free bully sticks are made without the use of any chemicals. At Bully Bunches, we emphasize our love for dogs by providing premium quality treats, and we take a very strong stance on this! What makes a bully stick odourless comes down to the raw material preparation and the time and temperature in which the pizzle undergoes inside the ovens.

Odour-free bully sticks take on a meticulous cleaning process which involves being soaked in cold water for up to 48 hours. After that, it's on to the ovens, where they spend a much longer time baking to ensure all moisture is removed.

The low odour sticks follow a much more streamlined process. A shorter cold water bath and a little less time in the ovens. What comes out is the same quality product, just with a tad bit more smell. Some dogs prefer this, while others… not so much. 

How Long Do Bully Sticks Last?

Bully sticks are a calorie-dense treat, and many owners opt to give our braided bully sticks to their tippy-tapping tail waggers once a day. Any more than that might lead to pet obesity and possible health complications later in their years. While chonkybois are still great, we recommend sticking to the one-a-day recommendation!

When Should I Give My Dog A Bully Stick?

You can give your goodboi (or goodgirl) a bully stick whenever you like! We recommend treating them after a long walk, a long training session, or after a few belly rubs!

Are Bully Sticks Good For Puppies?

Bully sticks are a highly delicious, nutrient-dense treat that is great for dogs of all ages. Bully sticks are a great treat to give to teething puppies because they will give them something safe to chew instead of your furniture. So yes, this means that puppies can have bully sticks as well as all other treats that we offer here at Bully Bunches!