Are you looking for healthy and natural dog treat alternatives for your friendly floofer? At Bully Bunches, we understand that many dog owners are concerned about the safety and health of traditional dog treats, such as rawhide. That's why we offer a variety of alternative dog treats that are both safe and nutritious for your little floofy velociraptor.

Our alternative dog treats are made from high-quality ingredients. Starting with ethically sourced cows, and pigs, our rawhide alternative dog treats come in stuffed varieties such as pumpkin, peanut butter, sweet potato, and more. If you have a hard time choosing or if you want to provide options for your perfect pooch, you can try out the variety pack! Our treats are fully digestible and can help promote healthy teeth and gums by providing a satisfying chew that helps remove plaque and tartar.

Another great option for rawhide alternative dog treats is our pig ears and cow ears! These all-natural chews are made from, well, ears, and they are a great source of fiber and vitamins for your doggo. They are easy to digest and provide a satisfying chew that can help keep your dog entertained.

At Bully Bunches, we are committed to providing safe and healthy dog treat alternatives that you can feel good about giving to your furry friend. Whether you're looking for a high-protein chew or a tasty fish snack, we have something for every good boy or girl. Shop our selection of alternative dog treats today and give your dog some quality tippy-tappy treats today!