Subscribe and Save

Subscribe and Save

Save time and money with Bully Bunches Subscribe & Save program. Easily receive your dogs favourite treats and chews on a flexible schedule that fits your lifestyle, without having to order manually each time.

What are the advantages of Subscribe & Save? 

  • Save an additional 20% off your first order*, and 10% off all future orders. 
  • Skip, modify or cancel shipments at anytime, no commitments. 
  • Save time by having your order placed automatically on your schedule. 
  • Free shipping over $65

How Does It Work?

  • Your initial Subscribe & Save order will ship in 1-2 business days.
  • All orders thereafter will auto renew on your set frequency from the first Subscribe & Save order.
  • Log in to your account and click "manage subscription" to make any adjustments you need. To cancel your subscription please send us an email at . You can contact customer service to make any changes on your behalf. 

How do I place a Subscribe & Save order

  1. Select the product you plan on subscribing to.
  2. Select your pack size and quantity.
  3. Under "frequency" select the Subscribe button.
  4. Select your frequency. This is how many weeks your order will ship from the day you placed your initial subscribe & save order.
  5. Add the item to your cart and checkout as per any regular order.  

Multiple Back-to-back Orders & Cancelling

Customers are eligible for 20% off their initial order* and 10% off recurring orders when subscribed to our auto-ship program. Customers are not permitted to cancel and re-order multiple times to redeem a higher discount off every order placed.

We reserve the right to cancel any orders if the first subscription discount is being taken advantage of by placing and cancelling subscription orders. Please note placing a subscription order to achieve autoship discount and cancelling prior to renewal will result in invoice of the discounted amount.

As our fulfillment times are often within 1 business day, it is not guaranteed to stop your order from shipping if you contact us to cancel it after it has already renewed. Orders that qualify for free shipping but have an out of stock item will still ship with the remaining in stock items. The out of stock item will still renew with the rest of the subscription at the next interval.

Subscribe and set frequency

*NOTE: Subscribe & Save discounts may not be eligible for other discounts or promo codes.  During site-wide sales, the initial subscribe and save discount will adjust so that 20% off your first order will be obtained by applying the sale code at checkout.

Have any additional questions about our Subscribe & Save program? You can find an FAQ here: Subscribe and Save FAQ or contact us by emailing