Have you ever wondered what yak chews are made of? Yak chews for dogs are also known as "Himalayan dog chews" and can be thought of as cheese for dogs. The chews are generally made of yak milk, cow's milk, and lime juice that is dehydrated over time. Yak Himalayan Chews, Himalayan Yak Chews, Cheese for Dogs, etc. Whatever you want to call them, these yak milk chews for dogs are the best you’ll find anywhere because, at Bully Bunches, we are dedicated to producing and delivering the best dog chews that you and your puppers will love! Do you have a tiny velociraptor that has destroyed your shoes, remote controls, and/or furniture? Use our super long-lasting Himalayan Yak Chews to distract and redirect your mouthy pup’s attention instead! Our yak chews for dogs are highly nutritious and calorie-dense to ensure your playful pup gets the vitamins and minerals they need.
How long do yak chews last from Bully Bunches? Depending on the size of the yak milk dog chew and the chewing habits of your fur child. Some pet parents report two to four days, and other parents report that yak chews last weeks. Yak chew's lifespan will vary depending on your furry family member. We recommend discarding it after an excessive amount of time to reduce any mold or smells.

What Is A Yak Chew?

A yak chew is a dog treat that is believed to have originated in Nepal, near the Himalayan Mountains. Native tribes fed Napali cheese known as “churpi” to their dogs, and the groundwork for Himalayan yak chews for dogs was laid! Today, these treats are a popular treat for our little four-legged dinosaurs.

What Are Himalayan Dog Chews Made Of?

Himalayan yak chews for dogs (more popularly referred to as just "yak chews") are made of three simple ingredients: yak milk, cow milk, and lime juice. While other brands use added salt, our authentic recipe does not include any added salt or harmful chemicals. Where are Himalayan yak cheese chews made? Originally, yak chews originated in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Tibetan monks are believed to be the founders of the original recipe before it was introduced as a natural chew for dogs. Bully Bunches yak chews are sourced from the Himalayan Mountains (Nepal) and use an authentic recipe. We package and ship from our facility in Florida!

Are Yak Chews Really Considered Cheese?

Yes! A small amount of lime juice is added to skimmed yak and cow milk, which is then compressed into bars and left to harden over a period of one1 month in a quality-controlled room. The end result is a super hard dog chew. So, are yak chews safe for dogs? Dog yak chews are safe for dogs to consume. The chews can sometimes be too hard for older dogs' teeth, but proper dental care and monitoring your furry friend can mitigate any risks. While all consumable goods made for pets are required to be human-safe under FDA guidelines, we definitely do not recommend this for human consumption!

Are Yak Chews Good For Dogs?

Similar to regular cheese, yak chews for dogs are calorie-dense and full of nutrients to help your dog maintain a healthy diet. Be sure to follow standard dietary information for your dog's breed, age, and daily nutrition needs! Shop for more quality treats at Bully Bunches today!