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    6 Inch Standard Braided Bully Stick

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    Product Details

    6 Inch Standard Braided Bully Sticks are perfect for small - medium sized dogs.

    Bully Bunches bully sticks are ethically sourced and oven baked to be one of the healthiest alternatives to rawhide. We hand sort and inspect every bully stick to ensure your pup gets a dependable product with high consistency and unmatched value.

    • All natural 25 - 41 grams each
    • Little to no odour*
    • Cleans teeth and promotes dental health
    • 100% digestible & chemical free
    • Single Ingredient (beef)
    • Made from free range, grass fed cattle
    • Product of Brazil
    • Shelf life of 1-2 years

    NOTE:  Weight (grams) is the most accurate way to compare the cost and longevity of a bully stick. *When your dog chews our bully sticks, the natural scent may be enhanced since moisture is being reintroduced into the stick.

        Additional Benefits

        Cleans teeth and removes plaque and tartar through chewing
        100% digestible and easy on stomachs
        Only natural ingredients are used in our long lasting chews
        No artificial additives, preservatives or fillers included

        Product Nutrition

        • Ingredients: 100% Beef Pizzle
        • Crude Protein: (Min.)..........86%
        • Crude Fat: (Min.)............... 03%
        • Crude Fiber: (Max.)............ 01%
        • Moisture: (Max.).................10%
        • Calories:.................... 3.5/gram

        Feeding Information

        Supervision is recommended when feeding any Bully Bunches chew to your dog. Make sure there is adequate fresh drinking water during consumption.

        If your puppy or dog is new to our protein rich chews, we recommend moderate consumption for the first 3-5 chews to avoid upset stomachs. No more than 1 stick per day is optimal during this time. Once your dogs tummy is used to the increased protein, you can feed at your discretion. 

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        6 Inch Standard Braided Bully Stick

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