Pups on Parade for St Patricks Tips!

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We love our pups so much we want to take them everywhere with us! However, sometimes there needs to be nuance so that everyone has the best and safest time. 

1) Avoid a pinch! Dress to impress.

Half the fun is getting dressed up, but it’s important to choose green outfits/accents that don’t make your pup uncomfortable or put them in danger. 

  • Make sure any costumes don’t rub them so they can walk around freely.
  • Outfits, especially DIY, don’t have anything toxic pup can eat.
  • Check the weather and make sure they won’t be too warm/cold. 

In our experience bandanas are usually a safe and comfortable place to start. 

2) Will crowds stress them out?

Does your dog like other people/other dogs? How do they handle crowds and loud noises? You need to take all of this into consideration before going on this parade day adventure. And even if they are ok with crowds etc, there are still a lot of unknowns that will occur throughout the day like getting trampled, loud drum lines, and bagpipe performances. Meaning it’s really important to stay hyper-aware of your pup throughout the day. It might be worth looking up if there are any dog parades happening in your area!

3) Avoid feeding Corned Beef and Cabbage.

Corned beef is notoriously fatty and salty, making it less than ideal for your pup to get into. The salt will lead to your pup being thirstier, and on a parade day of walking, hydration is especially important. Corned beef is usually also brined in onions and garlic which can be toxic to pups.  Boiled cabbage, while less of a risk, is also best avoided. Eating too much of this leafy green vegetable can cause stomach upset and symptoms like excessive gas and flatulence.

4) Absolutely No Green Beer!

It should go without saying but do NOT give your dog alcohol — including beer, wine, whiskey, or any other form of liquor. A dog's liver isn't designed to process alcohol and can result in them suffering from alcohol poisoning or toxicity. The smaller the dog, the more susceptible they are to quickly over-imbibing. Depending on your dog's size and the alcohol volume of the beverage, beer can quickly become dangerous for your dog. 

Green beer or not, this will harm your pup, and at no point should they be allowed to drink any.

5) Make sure you’re prepared for a whole day of activities

Set yourself and your pup up for success by planning for their needs. Bring lots of water to help them stay hydrated from a day of walking around. Will it rain? Pack a raincoat for them. Planning on stopping at a dog-friendly bar? Bring a few Bully Bunches Chews with you so as to safely entertain them. 


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