What Do Your Dog’s Sleeping Positions Mean?

What Do Your Dog’s Sleeping Positions Mean?

Animals sleeping in weird positions is its own category in social media reels and short films nowadays, and for great reasons: sleeping furry animals are just the cutest! Whether you’re a pet owner or not, you’ve probably seen a snoozing dog at some point in your life. Much like humans, dog sleeping positions can say a lot about their personality and sometimes their mood!
It may seem like your pup snoozes in any random posture, but the truth is that their dozing positions say more about them than you think. In this sleepy blog, we’re going to cover things like why do dogs sleep on their back, sides, etc. From the lion’s pose to the “donut,” here’s your go-to guide on dog sleeping positions and styles and the meaning behind each.

sleeping dog sphinx position

The Lions Pose

The lion’s pose is a very common sleeping position, sometimes referred to as the dog sphinx position, because the position is reminiscent of an Egyptian sphinx. The dog sphinx position involves your dog snoozing with its head on top of or between its paws. Of course, there are many variations of this, like when the furry friend rests his or her head on a couch arm, on a pillow, or any other elevated surface.

What does the dog sphinx position mean?

The Lion’s Pose typically indicates that the dog is lightly resting but is ready to get up immediately if necessary. Studies show that your pup will pick this pose when they want to sleep but still stay alert. This is also one of the more common dog sleeping positions because it's easiest for dogs to just lie down and rest. 

side sleeping puppy

The Side Sleeper

Meet the most popular dozing position in dogs - the side sleeper. In this dog sleeping position, the floofy potato will lie on the side with its legs extended outwards.

What does the side sleeper mean?

Leaving their vital organs exposed doesn’t come naturally to pups. Sleeping in this position means your fluffy friend feels safe, relaxed, and protected. Likewise, it signifies that your dog is in comfortable, familiar surroundings. Keep an eye out for a biiiiig stretch when your side-sleeping sleepyboi wakes up! 

superman sleeping puppy

The Superman

This dog sleeping position is a weird one that involves your dog sleeping on its stomach with front legs stretched forward and back legs stretched behind. Imagine this position to be exactly like how the comic book hero, Superman, flies around. Because your little dinosaur probably won’t actually fly, this position is also known as a “sploot,” a “good sploot,” or even “a heckin good sploot.” 

What does this position mean?

Most dogs who doze in this position are sleepy but ready to play in a split second. Puppies tend to take a nap mid-play session in this pose. Additionally, it can also mean that your dog is a little warm and is trying to cool off by pressing him or herself into the cool floor. This sleeping position is popular in fresh puppies or younger dogs because their joints are limber. Puppy parents are less likely to see this sleeping position in older dogs because their muscles and joints become fully developed and somewhat stiffer compared to puppies.

Donut sleeping puppy

The Donut

This dog sleeping position is an internet favorite! In the donut, the sleepy puppy or doggo channels their inner foodie and transforms themselves into the shape of a donut. Your dog will curl up in a ball in this position, with legs held close to its body, forming a small doggo donut.

What does the donut mean?

This position is typically prevalent in stray dogs or ones adjusting to new surroundings. The donut is a defensive position helping your dog feel as safe as possible as they snooze. Of course, there are plenty of exceptions to this rule! Doggos will also sleep in a donut to preserve body heat if they’re feeling a little cold or if they are in a really comfortable position (like the corner of a sofa or dog bed). Just be sure to keep your camera handy!

Belly up sleeping dog

The Back Sleeper

The Back Sleeper

In the final position on our list, why do dogs sleep on their back? In one of the cuter sleep positions, the back sleeping dog lies down on its back with its belly up and little furry legs in the air. This pose has been caught on camera in every social media outlet, and it is surprisingly comfortable for your pup, no matter how funny it may look! 

What does it mean? 

Your dogs sleeping in this pose suggest that they trust you and are comfortable and confident with the environment. Take it as a compliment that they feel protected in their puppy parent’s presence! This pose has a 10/10 “aww” factor, and it’s another internet favorite.

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