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Do you love sharing your dogs love of Bully Bunches?!

We’re looking for the cutest model pups to share their love of Bully Bunches products, and to speak of the benefits of all-natural and single ingredient chews to their followers! Plus you can earn money doing it! If this sounds like you, join our affiliate program!  

With our Bully Bunches affiliate program, you can earn up to 10% commission when you refer customers to purchase their first order with us by using your code! All we ask is that you love Bully Bunches, share it with your followers, clients, family or friends! We’re looking for dog-lovers of all types to promote our products, whether you’re a dog-walker, trainer, breeder, a tiktok star or an instagrammable pup, we’d love for you to join! 


  • Must have an active social media account or website
  • Share photos or videos with Bully Bunches products
  • Engage with us on social media
  • Must have a paypal account to earn commission


  • 10% off code for your followers
  • Up to 10% commission on sales made with your code/link
  • Exclusive early access email updates of new products and sales

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