Discover why 150,000+ Dog Owners Are Obsessed With Bully Bunches

High-quality single ingredient chews

Our raw materials are sourced from human-grade cattle and uphold some of the highest production standards in the industry.

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What Makes Us Better?

We sort every bully stick by weight to ensure the density of the stick withstands your dogs chewing. This yield a consistent product with every order.

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Little to No Odour Bullys Sticks

We understand that odour is a concern which is why we make sure to bake them enough to lower the odour.⁣

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Longest Lasting Chews: Yak Chews

Our Yak Chews are made from 3 simple ingredients and can last days to weeks for even the most aggresive chewers!⁣

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Buy More, Save More

Not only does Bully Bunches have the best pricing per gram in Canada, but buying in bulk unlocks even further savings.

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12,200+ 5 star reviews

Canadian dog owners are consistently impressed with our long lasting and healthy dog chews. This is reflected in over 12,000 verified reviews.

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