Dog chew bones provide a tasty treat for your furry friend! At Bully Bunches, we offer a wide variety of beef bones for dogs, all of which are sourced from high-quality bones and are filled with delicious natural bonus treats inside, making this a safe and popular bone for your pet to chew!

One of the main benefits of giving your dog chew bones is that our bones can help keep teeth and gums healthy. Chewing on bones can help remove plaque and tartar buildup, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. This can be especially beneficial for dogs who are prone to dental problems or who don't receive regular dental care.

In addition to promoting dental health, many of our bones come with unique and delicious stuffing, making it irresistible to even the most stubborn woofer! Our Bully Bunches bones for dogs are long-lasting and offer a fun and engaging activity that can help keep your big or small chomping canine occupied and entertained.

At Bully Bunches, we offer a wide variety of beef bones for dogs, including marrow bones, stuffed bones, and fillable bones. Our bones are dried and oven-baked to enhance their flavor and provide a satisfying chew for your pet. 

Are Bully Bunches’ Dog Chew Bones Safe?

Depending on how the bones are cooked, they can be safe for dogs. For example, Bully Bunches dog bones are oven dried, which is of the safest cooking methods for bones. We recommend staying away from white bones, as they are treated with bleach, as well as smoked bones, as they often contain carcinogens. With all that being said, it is important to supervise your dog while feeding bones, as they can break or splinter under higher amounts of pressure.

Do Bully Bunches’ Bones For Dogs Contain Any Rawhide?

Our dog bones do not contain any rawhide. They have been cleaned of all skin and fur. All that remains are bits of the tendon, bone marrow, and stuffing, depending on your product of choice.